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  • Needle punched felt/Filter cloth for filtration

    1) Materials: Polyester,PP,Fiberglass,etc.

    2) Speciality :
    1 Pre-filtration for the heavy polluted general draft apparatus and the air control system

    2 Anti-fractured PET organic synthetic fiber

    3 Large dust holding capacity ,small resistance, long service life and economical

    4 No silicon, chemical resistant and anti-acidic

    5 Conforming with European and American classifications standard in nonflammability

    (DIN53438- F1;UI900-class 2 with flameout)

    6 Applied to plank filter and foldaway filter

    7 Available in paper frame ,galvanize iron frame, aluminum alloy frame and so on

    3) Applied to many industry such as pollution controlling ,public construction ,air-condition, electronic, pharmacy ,food and so on

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