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  • Needle Punched Non Woven Upholsory Felt

    Needle punched Non Woven Upholstery Felt can be used for sofa interlining、sythetic leather farbics、Mattress pad、bedding、carpet backing、cleaning fabrics for kitchen and industry,it can use what you wanted.

    Material: polyester/polypropylene/viscose/acrylic/nylon fibers by single or mixed.
    Treatment: Single or double sides calendered are provided.

    Our 320cm width machine produce high quality felt from 80gsm-1500gsm of various kinds of colors. width can cut, pack by roll or cut sheet/piece, types can be Soft, Middle hard or Stiff feeling.

  • Needle punched Felt For Sofa Interlining

    1. Mainly by 80g/m2-180g/m2 ,by 100% Polypropylene fiber Or Mixed.
    2.It calendered treatment by Single/Double sides,good Tensile Strength, soft feeling,Velcro hook stick well.
    1.For sewing leather sofa cover to protect the role;
    2.Reducing the fixed sewing leather when the nail on the injury, the characteristics of high tensile strength and low elongation makes the leather sofa,shelves to be more fixed on the fastening.
    3.Fire-retardant treatment is available,to achieve flame-retardant furniture industry requirements.
    4.All kinds of color and embossed type is provided,so that products more aesthetics.

  • Environmental Mattress Pad

    Non woven felt fabrics for mattress pad which use recycled polyester fiber to produce multi-colors.
    The weight is from 300gsm to 800gsm mainly.
    Thickness from 0.5mm-10mm
    Type:medium or hard /rigid feeling.
    Packages by roll or finished pieces/sheet

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