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  • Needle Felt combine with T/C Woven Fabric (Polyester/Cotton Mixed)

    This product is a new and special product, we have already exported large quantity to North America market.
    The Material of Needle Punched Felt combine with T/C Woven Fabric (Polyester/Cottom Mixed).
    Width can be made to 200cm and it also can be slitted accroding to customer's requirements
    The most popular weight are from 200-500gsm needle punched nonwoven fabric+100gsm T/C woven fabric
    Surface treatment is Calendering or Heat Setting
    Typically used to make military tents and other protective equipments, and some Industrial products.

  • Embossed Felt By Needle Punched

    Our felt are made of pure polypropylene or polyester fibre, also we could provide mix fibers.
    Embossed felt is by square or diamond pattern; the weight is mainly from 120gsm to 150gsm,the Width is less than 160cm, mainly for Sofa lining or Carpet Backing and others.

  • Special Treated Felt Fabrics

    Our felt could be coated with PE,HDPE film. dots treated for anti-slip, compsite with woven fabric by fire or glue method and by other processes to make various composite fabrics and we also offer low meltfiber, one or two sides calendered and heat-setting process to make fabrics soft, midle or hard feeling as per your request.
    Water-proof, flame retardant,Air permeable process are available.

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