How to choose a carpet


Buying a carpet or an area rug for your home is most definitely a big decision as it requires considerable investment and brings your home decor together. As with most thing, a standard adage with carpet is,“you get what you pay for”.Depending on your budget for both purchase and maintenance, go for a carpet that blends with the colour of your floor. Look through the beautiful options of carpets for your home.

The first. Design and color selection:

Basically according to the place of laid and oneself hobby choice.The design and color of carpet, press its different craft cost, have whole design, stripe, jacquard design and plain coloured carpet to wait for distinction.According to the general practice, you are suggested to make the following arrangements:

Study, should choose colour and lustre pure and fresh quietly elegant, the design that has Confucianism elegant style;

Sitting room, should choose the carpet design with larger, fluent line, can build the effect that gives a vision open.To facilitate change, also can choose block carpet.

Bedroom, appropriate chooses color slant weak, the carpet design with appropriate collocation.The vision is quiet, sweet, the whole that colour wants to consider and furniture at the same time is harmonious.

Dining-room, should consider carpet meeting frequency is polluted, as often have beverage, food to wait for bilge.Intricate and colorful patterns can mask dirt.

The second. Material selection:

Chemical fiber carpet: often raise chemical fiber carpet to think class is low more, actually otherwise.Good chemical fiber carpet for example some nylon is more expensive than wool, of course, more than polypropylene.Especially flame retardant, anti - static, anti - fouling nylon carpet is the top grade chemical fiber carpet.It is nylon carpet likewise, want to see manufacturing craft again, generally speaking, machine-woven carpet compares tufted carpet, pile head is close, decorative pattern is delicate colour is rich, the machine-woven carpet on the price is higher than tufted carpet.Similarly, the same pp carpet, woven carpet prices than tufted carpet.

Wool carpet: soft, fleeciness abound flexibility, trample feeling is comfortable, and sit lie appropriate.Woven wool carpet is a high-grade carpet, wool and flammable, less static and other properties, easy to create a safe, elegant and comfortable environment.

The third. quality selection:

1, see rebound flexibility: this basically reflects the comfortable sex of carpet, general consumer can use simple and easy method to fold carpet back-to-back, see whether to show bottom line, general density is bigger more not easy to show bottom line.The greater the density, the better the elasticity and the more durable it will be.

2, see color fastness: rub the carpet repeatedly with the palm of your hand or wipe the carpet with a wet paper cloth, see whether the palm and paper towel stained with color, stained with color is serious that color fastness is not good.

3, according to the different laying occasions, choose different production process of the carpet, such as the trample frequent place to choose wear-resisting loop pile carpet, or unit area pile quality higher, higher density cut pile carpet, and pile sparse carpet trample for a long time will cause pile lodging.

4, same a kind of craft is same raw material, the carpet with taller density of pile knot, or pile weight (gram/square metre) bigger carpet, its function, price is higher also.

5. The price of carpet made of the same pile material and different pile yarn processing techniques, such as spun yarn, twisted yarn and textured yarn, is higher than that of general bulk long velvet yarn.

6, some carpets can require special additional performance (such as anti-static, anti-fouling, flame retardant, easy to clean, etc.) of the fiber, or carpet yarn after special performance processing (such as oil, anti-fouling and waterproof, etc.) and high-tech added value, its price will also increase.