3 Tips to Maintain a Carpet


    When you walk into your home and find your carpet flattened out in the traffic areas and someplace is worn out, you might be very upset. Everyone wants to live in a dedicated house, which needs not only decoration but also maintenance. A carpet can make your house charming and looks warm, but an old shabby carpet can only destroy your house as well as your emotion. So let's learn how to keep the carpet.

1. Iron out the problem

Take the iron used to steam your coat and pants and fire it up to medium heat. Then you should hold it several inches above the carpet and move it as you are writing a circle.  On each area, you should do this for 30 to 60 seconds. However, never put the iron on the carpet directly because you may burn the fiber of that. Repeat the process of warming it until you are satisfied with how it looks. The last step is to flap it to make it fluffy again.

2. Ice melt method

This method is for the dents in the carpet from the furniture. You can simply get some pieces of ice from the freezer and put one cube in the impression in the carpeting. According to the size of dents, you can choose the larger one or the little one. After the ice is melted, which needs just 20 minutes, use white towels or paper to absorb the water. Then choose the hairdryer to help you make the carpet fluffy.


3. Vinegar and water method

An all-natural way to fluff carpet is by using vinegar and water. Simply mix vinegar, preferably white vinegar but any type will do, with equal parts of water. It is best to mix it in a spray bottle so you can then quickly spray the flattened or dented carpeting. Make sure you cover the entire area with the solution but be careful not to soak it.


Leave the solution on for about half an hour so it can work into the carpet’s fibers. You can then blot the area with a paper towel or cloth towel until the majority of the solution has been soaked up. Do not use a colored towel or take a chance on the color transferring to your carpeting. Also, do not press too firmly or you will just flatten the carpet again.


You then need to scrape the carpet in straight lines with the edge of a spoon from your kitchen. This should make the carpet fibers stand up again and if not, do it again with a fork instead. You can also opt to use a brush that does not have bristles made of metal.


You can then let the carpet dry for a few hours then move your furniture back where you want it